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Candidate Information


  Emperor Candidates

Eddie Broadway

Eddie Broadway has been performing the art of male impersonation for seven years. During this time, he has reigned as Mister Phoenix Gay Pride 2014 and earned the prestigious honor of being inducted into the Echo Magazine’s hall of fame. Eddie has also earned several Diamond Crystal awards and has served with the Imperial Court of Arizona for three years; Baron to Reign X, Duke to Reign XI, and Grand Duke to Reign XIII. Eddie also was Mister USofA MI 2017 and has traveled across the country as our national representative. Eddie is very excited to be back to serve the local and national community through the Imperial Court of Arizona.

Eddie got his start fundraising and performing for the Imperial Court of Arizona. He has worked diligently with numerous organizations giving back where he can. Eddie has helped to raise over $100,000 in scholarships for the Phoenix Pride Scholarship program. Eddie has also been a part of Barbra Seville’s Wonderful 100 as a committee member where he has assisted in raising tens of thousands of dollars for Aunt Rita’s.

Eddie’s notable events in the court have given back to diverse organizations including for the first time this year, Transspectrum of Arizona (TSAZ). Eddie has been a volunteer for 1n10, GLSEN and Phoenix Pride and believes it is important to walk the walk.

Eddie believes that community comes first and with that the community should grow in diversity. Eddie wants to expand the courts mission to the downtown Phoenix community, youth, women and other disenfranchised communities. Eddie believes that new communities and members will help to bring in new ideas and prospects. Eddie is honored to be a candidate for Emperor of Reign XIII and would be humbled to have your vote.

Robert Schenberg

Robert Schenberg is pleased to be a candidate for the title of Emperor XIII and hopes you will vote for him.

Robert truly believes in the charitable efforts of what the Imperial Court of Arizona stands for and that he will definitely work his hardest to accomplish what the court stands for. From the Heart, Through the Court, For the Community…. So when you make your choice at the polls he hopes that you choose him to represent the Imperial Court of Arizona as Emperor XII.

Robert grew up in a small farm community in northwestern Pennsylvania, leaving the farm to go to college and then to serve in the US Navy, He moved to Arizona in 1995 and has lived here ever since.

Robert became our 1st Southwest Leather Daddy Bear in 2012, and won the title of Mr. Phoenix Leather in 2014 and supported our community by supporting events raising thousands of dollars in donations for local non profits.

Robert set his sights on doing a Gala and in 2017 with the support of the local community merged the toy drive with Winter Wonderland and created the 1st Winter Wonderland Gala it was just a precursor of what his vision is for the future of the Imperial Court of Arizona and with your help (VOTE) that can happen.

He started Bearlesque in 2012, Founded Cruising for a Cause in 2017, Co Founded High Heels and Harnesses in 2016 both quarterly charity events that that have raised over $34,000. He created the Imperial Pledge now renamed to the Sam Garner Memorial Pledge in honor of one of our court members who passed in 2016. He has supported the Imperial Court of Arizona for the last 7 reigns and currently holds the title of Prince Royal to Reign II.

In addition to his wide community support he has achieved several awards such as business of the year, The Foo Mantarian award, The Leather Knight Award (2 Times), The Presidents Award, and an International Award from Nicole the Great in 2015, and the Heart and Spirit award.

He is a Member with Arizona Men of Leather, currently part of GLAD Dart league and is the team captain of The Anvil team. His contributions to the community are wide spread, during the years he has donated thousands of dollars in print costs to various charities for their events stretching the country from not only Arizona, but other communities as well.

Being selected to take over The Logans Playground Toy Drive in 2013 he with the help of organizations such as the Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, PBOL, AML, ALBAC and The Imperial Court Of Arizona, has raised over $30,000 in cash donations and several truckloads of toys for the drives in 2013 ,2014 and 2015,2016, 2017 Along with The Bicycle challenge for 2014 and 2015, 2016, 2017 and collected over 300 bicycles for the Toy Drive now in its 17th year.

  Empress Candidates

Isak Hernandez, aka Tyra Marie

Isak Hernandez also known as Tyra Marie is an Arizona native who has been involved in the art of female impersonation for over 13 years. Isak was born and raised in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Isak is an Arizona State University graduate with Bachelors in Communication and a Minor in Theatre. He currently works for a foreign company as an Executive Assistant and is a former Miss Gay Phoenix America, Miss Gay Arizona America and former Arizona Entertainer of the Year.

Tyra Marie has been an active member of the Imperial Court of Arizona for the past 4 years. She is currently Princess Royal of Reign XII. Tyra has also been involved with other various local organizations such as Chicanos por La Causa, Aunt Rita’s Foundation, UNOM Family Shelter, OneNTen and Phoenix Pride. In his free time, Isak loves to spend time with Family and friends and with his two dogs Honey and Kennedy.

Tommie Tiboni, aka Anita Togoboxx

Anita Togoboxx known as Tommie Tiboni has been doing drag going on five years. Anita had a passion for drag when he saw his first Drag Show hosted by Tommi Rose at a club in Orange County CA. Born and raised in New Jersey, his family headed west to CA in 1985. After living in CA for 25 years and a brief 11 months in Monterrey Mexico Tommie moved to Arizona in 2010 after his employer Bank of America moved him to the Phoenix area.

Tommie has been with Bank of America for 28 years and started with them one year out of high school. He started out as drive up teller and worked his way through the Financial Centers before venturing into customer service center. Tommie has been part of the LGBT Employee Network group and served as an Employee Engagement chair for almost two years.

Anita has been with the Imperial Court of Arizona where four years. Anita got involved with the Court because of the passion they have for giving back to the community. He was asked by Empress IX Miss DeMeanor to be part of the female line. She enjoyed the passion for the court and continued to be on the female line for reigns X, XI and XII

Anita has participated in the Closet Ball twice, Lady Christian’s Newcomer Challenge and Drag Stars Season IV. Anita (Tommie) has been active in his community. When he moved to AZ he joined Gay Bowling Phoenix (PUGBA) and served on their board for five years. Not only did Tommie promote gay bowling in the Phoenix area for PUGBA, in 2015 he was the Director of PUGBA and successfully ran the annual bowling tournament. Prior to PUGBA he was part of the Funlover’s California Spring Classic promoting gay bowling in Orange County, CA.

In Anita’s spare time you can find her cruising the ocean on various Cruise Lines. She has been on 29 cruises in 21 years. He likes to play bingo and playing cards. Anita lives in Mesa, AZ with his three feline son’s, Benjamin, Bandit and Baxter.

Reign XIII Voting Information

Welcome to online voting for Reign XIII of the Imperial Sovereign Empire of Arizona. You will be voting for one candidate for Emperor of Reign XI and one candidate for Empress of Reign XI. An "None" vote means you are not making a selection. Please note that all information is encrypted and kept strictly confidential. Results of voting will be announced at Coronation XI on Saturday night, May 7, 2016.

Online voting is available at this page from Thursday, April 26, 2018 at 12:00 AM through Friday, April 27, 2018 at 11:59 PM (MST).

In-person voting is available on Saturday, April 28, 2018 from 11 AM to 5 PM at The Rock (click for map).

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