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Candidates for Emperor and Empress XIV

Kristofer V Lee

Kristofer V Lee began his career as a male performer in 2015, and has called Phoenix, AZ home since 2006. Kristofer has acquired various awards and titles such as the 2017 Community Service Award, the 2018 Phoenix Pride Brandon Packer Community Spirit Award, Mister Imperial Court Pride 2017 thereafter going on to win Mister Phoenix Pride 2017 and has served the Imperial Court of Arizona as Baron XII and currently as Prince Royale XIII. His service has extended from the time to his current volunteer position as a Board Director with the Phoenix Pride Organization. Kristofer has spent his career giving back to various community organizations both prior to and throughout his tenure with the Imperial Court of Arizona. It would be the greatest honor for Kristofer to receive your vote for Emperor XIV of the Imperial Court of Arizona.

Teddy Michael

Teddy Michael, the stage persona of T. Michael Trimm, has been an entertainer and community advocate for the past 15 years. Originally from Cincinnati, OH, he now calls Phoenix home and has for the past four years. Teddy is an active player and volunteer for the Phoenix Gay Flag Football League, a preliminary titleholder in the Phoenix Pride Class of 2019, and an outspoken advocate for the rights and liberties of all LGBTQ people, with an emphasis in the livelihood of transgender and LGB people of color. He humbly asks for the votes of Arizona's residents to represent and work for the community as Emperor XIV of the Imperial Court of Arizona.

Alexus Montoya

Hello everyone, I am Mike Ramirez or as most people know me, Alexus Montoya. I am a 90’s baby and native of Phoenix, Arizona where I started my drag career roughly 8 years ago. I currently work in the service industry as a bartender for a local family owned restaurant called Gallo Blanco in Downtown Phoenix. When I am not working, I am out in the community with friends and family supporting local drag shows, events and more.

When I started drag, I had no idea what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go with it. All I knew was I enjoyed entertaining and looking beautiful. I quickly developed a name for myself by competing in local drag contest and making my way through various shows throughout the community. I found my comfort spot when I was introduced to the leather community. Combining leather and drag was so much fun and really opened up lots of doors and opportunities for me to continue to grow. One organization I quickly fell in love with and surrounded myself with was the Phoenix boys of Leather. The love and support they have for one another is indescribable, the brotherhood and bond between them all is inseparable and the amount of service they provide to the community is absolutely amazing -- I have come to think of them like family. Participating in fundraisers and helping out with events helped me network through the leather community and learn more about what it means to serve my community with integrity and respect.

In 2015, I became HIV positive and my personal life took a big turn. Drag was one of the ways I helped myself cope with my status and learn more about what it meant to live with HIV. I got involved with an organization called IGNITE which works to eliminate stigma and normalize the conversation around safer sex and HIV. I participated in lots of events that helped distribute safer sex materials, volunteering at free HIV testing events along with openly talking about safer sex, HIV, STDs, and more. Being involved helped me become an advocate, someone that others can come to when they have questions or need advice. I want to continue to be that person for others and I want to commit to continue educating and helping organizations like IGNITE achieve their goals, helping others get the proper education and direction they need.

I believe running for Empress is the next step in my drag career. After my years of growing I have found something I absolutely love, I have found my reason for drag and I have learned what it means to be a community leader. For two short years I have been an involved member of the Imperial Court of Arizona, participating, growing and learning what it means to really be involved in the community, and to bring Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Bi-Sexual and Heterosexual communities together through charitable fundraising events. Last year I represented the Imperial Court of Arizona as Miss Imperial Court 2018 when I competed for the title of Miss Phoenix Pride. My exposure as Miss Imperial Court has helped me with becoming a face for the community and to this organization. I believe my representation hasn’t gone unnoticed and I know my personality, drive and passion for this organization and community will help me achieve my goals and accomplish all that I have in mind if I should be elected as Empress XIV of the Imperial Court of Arizona.

Anita Togoboxx

Anita Togoboxx known as Tommie Tiboni has been doing drag for six years. Anita had a passion for drag when she saw her first Drag Show hosted by Tommi Rose at a club in Orange County CA. Born and raised in New Jersey, her family headed west to CA in 1985. After living in CA for 25 years and a brief 11 months in Monterrey Mexico Anita moved to Arizona in 2010 after her employer Bank of America moved him to the Phoenix area.

Anita has been with Bank of America for 29 years and started with them one year out of high school. She started out as drive up teller and worked her way through the Financial Centers before venturing into customer service center. Anita has been part of the LGBT Employee Network group and served as an Employee Engagement chair for almost two years. Over the past few years Bank of America has been the presenting sponsor of the Phoenix Pride Parade. Today they continue to support Phoenix Pride with volunteer efforts.

Anita has been with the Imperial Court of Arizona for five years. Anita got involved with the Court because of the passion they have for giving back to the community. She was asked by Empress IX Miss DeMeanor to be part of the female line. She enjoyed the passion for the court and continued to be on the female line for reigns X, XI, XII and XIII. Being part of the female line for the past five years she has helped in contributing to the success of the Imperial Court raising more than $200,000.00. Anita has been the Board Secretary for the last four years.

With all the volunteer efforts Anita has set forth she has made the President’s List Bronze award for her volunteerism with recording over 150 volunteer hours throughout the past year. In 2017 she received a signed letter from Barack Obama for her contributions in 2016.

Anita has participated in the Closet Ball twice, Lady Christian’s Newcomer Challenge and Drag Stars Season IV. Anita has been active in her community. When she moved to AZ she joined Gay Bowling Phoenix (PUGBA) and served on their board for five years. Not only did Anita promote gay bowling in the Phoenix area for PUGBA, in 2015 she was the Director of PUGBA and successfully ran the annual bowling tournament. Prior to PUGBA she was part of the Funlover’s California Spring Classic promoting gay bowling in Orange County, CA.

Please support Anita on her journey to be Empress XIV. The passion she has for our community is contagious and would love to ask for your vote on April 25-27.

In Anita’s spare time you can find her cruising the ocean on various Cruise Lines. She has been on 30 cruises in 22 years. She likes to play bingo and playing cards. Anita lives in Mesa, AZ with her three feline son’s, Benjamin, Bandit and Baxter.


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