Imperial Court of Arizona

Imperial Sovereign Empire of Arizona


Beneath the crowns and bling, beat the hearts of real people. People who care and want to make a difference in the Community. We invite everyone to join us in our fun and antics as we strive to do good.


The membership of the Imperial Court of Arizona meets monthly on the 3rd Sunday of each month at the Phoenix Lambda Center 2622 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006.   Please come and find out more about one of the most exciting charitable organizations in Arizona.

Meeting Minutes

The Imperial Court of Arizona believes in maintaining transparency with the Community as it concerns our meetings and books. As part of that copies of our meeting minutes will be posted to the website. Click the link below to read more. Please note that in some cases these may not be the final approved copies. For questions or corrections please email

General Membership Meeting Minutes

Benefits & Fundraisers

The Imperial Court hosts two distinct types of events. Benefits for Arizona based charities or organizations and fundraisers which go to cover the Court's operational expenses. The type of event will always be clearly labeled on posters and advertising so the public will always be aware of where their donations are going. When the Court hosts a benefit the public can rest assured that 100% of all funds raised at the benefit will go to the selected charity. The Court does not split donations as some organizations might to cover their event expenses.

Line members can download a Benefit/Fundraiser worksheet.


The Imperial Court would be nowhere without our members. Our members are the ones who make our fundraisers and benefits happen and spread goodwill throughout our Empire. Board members and our Emperor and Empress are elected from our general membership and you must be a member to be appointed to a Line Title. If you would like to join in the fun that you see us having at our events please fill out the Online Membership Form, you can also print out the Membership Application and mail it to our Secretary of the Board or bring it to our next general membership meeting.

Membership dues are $40 a year, $30 a year for a senior membership, or $20 a year for a Youth or Associate (Non-Voting) Membership; and can be paid online by using the button below.

Membership Type