Imperial Court of Arizona

Imperial Sovereign Empire of Arizona

Reign III

Emperor III - Joseph Brumley

The Emerald Eyed Falcon of the Desert, The Spirit of the Coyote Legend of the Phoenix

Prince Royale III - Prince Royale

Prince III - Prince

Grand Duke III - Pam Berger

Duke III - Duke

Marquis III - William Trainer

Count III - Don Burns

Commander of the Imperial Leather Guard III - Stephen Bloom

Protector of the Emerald and Onyx Thrones

Empress III - Justice Prevails

The Blood Red Moon of the Desert The Dark Fire Legend of the Phoenix

Princess Royale III - Jagi

Princess III - Princess

Grand Duchess III - Sandy LaFrance

Duchess III - Regina Gazelle

Marquessa III - Marquessa

Countess III - Sherri Lynn

Imperial Crown Princess for Life III - Ebony