Imperial Court of Arizona

Imperial Sovereign Empire of Arizona

Reign XII

Emperor XII - Dave McQueen

The Gentleman Silver Fox of the Desert, The Cobalt Blue Leather "Sex, Drums and Rock N Roll" Legend of the Phoenix.

Prince Royale XII - Robert Schenberg

The Benevolent Bearded Redneck Robin Hood Defender of the Crown

Prince XII - Shaun Simmons

Grand Duke XII - Eddie Broadway

Duke XII - Sergio de la Draco

Baron XII - Kristopher V. Lee

Marquis XII - Richard Van Stone

Count XII - Jae Gonzales

Viscount XII - Ron Dangle

Knight XII - Teddy Michael

Lord XII - Chase de la Draco

Lord XII - Freddy Prinze Charming

Lord XII - Kaiden de la Draco

King Father XII - Bill Mitchell

Commander of the Imperial Leather Guard XII - Don Gibson

Lt. Commander of the Imperial Leather Guard XII - slave tabitha

Empress XII - Akasha Knight

The Gold and Red Rose of the Desert, The Benevolent, Bodacious and Bootylicious " These Boots are Made for Walkin" Sun Goddess Legend of the Phoenix.

Princess Royale XII - Tyra Marie

The Tequila Latin Gem of the West Hope of the Crown

Princess XII - Tunsa Phun

Grand Duchess XII - Anita Togoboxx

Duchess XII - Madison S. Gardens

Baroness XII - Masquerade

Marquessa XII - Marquessa

Countess XII - Charmaine Knight Christian Honeywell

Viscountess XII - Sherri Lynn

Dame XII - Brooklyn Diazz

Lady XII - Lady

Lady XII - Lady

Queen Mother XII - Lady Christian

Preceptor of Perpetual Indulgence XII - Sister Marie Elle E'Phant