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Brooklyn DeMornay-

45 year old Leather woman  of color. The first acknowledged female bear in the world but NOT the first female bear. Miss World Bear 2018, Patched member of the ONYX pearls, Currently Grand Dutchess of reign XV  and reign XV 2.0 of the Imperial Court of Arizona. Proud and Honored to be 2nd in charge of House of Shangri-La (rest in power Goddess Sadie Hawkins) .

The community as a whole is what she strives to help, what this means is EVERY community: Safe BDSM & Kink education,  education about sex trafficking and how it affects the USA, and HIV/AIDS education for AFAB and Black persons are her platforms.



Geo has been a pillar of hope and service within our community, and the greater Arizona region, for more than a decade.  Geo first became visible in our community as a dancer, designer, and performer.  Performing with local dance companies, Geo soon received opportunities to grace the stage with his modern dance performances all over the nation. Notably, Geo dedicated many years to dancing and performing main roles in “Sister Moses: The Harriet Tubman Story” to title schools across Arizona and abroad. The performance enhanced educational needs across the state to learn more about black heritage and provided opportunities for Geo to teach dance and work directly with aspiring children. 


As a designer who went to fashion school in Los Angeles, Geo has dedicated his creative talents to the drag community in Arizona for well over a decade. With this creative dedication, Geo has provided opportunities to countless LGBTQ+ performers so they can shine on stage with custom made couture. Geo knows that it can be difficult to feel confident as a drag performer as costumes are generally not streamlined for this beautiful population, so Geo has dedicated himself to making strong and lasting relationships in the community. Geo can also be credited for choreographing numbers for many LGBTQ+ performers around the state.

In the performance community, Geo obtained his first title in 2010 when he competed for Mr. Gay Arizona USofA and brought prominence to male performance for the Grand Canyon State. Geo continued to compete in different systems obtaining the national title of Mr. American National Star 2014. This title helped Geo obtain even  more visibility for Arizona’s talent at a national level.  Geo then went on to become Mr. Phoenix Pride 2016, where he had the opportunity to give back to our community by directly raising funds for the Pride Scholarship. Most recently, Geo joined the Imperial Court of Arizona, when Carrington Hall Dubois, Emperor XV selected Geo to join the court as Prince Royale XV. In a highly publicized event, Geo hosted a recent Fashion Show Fundraiser for the Imperial Court of Arizona and helped raise proceeds exceeding 2,000 in one single night for our LGBTQ+ youth of One-n-Ten.



Ron Dangel-

I have had the honor to be a member of the ICOA since 2008. I have proudly served our community many times and from different venues. My heart is deep in service to all of our communities. From rodeos to shows and a great amount of volunteer service, my experience has provided a large foundation to help us grow stronger for Arizona. Arizona has been my home for the past 38 years. My experience with Phoenix Pride has taught me how to bring our lives together.

My goal is to humbly serve our great State of Arizona and our community as your next ICOA Emperor.


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