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Meet the Candidates for Reign XVIII

Candidate for Empress

Phoebe Phobia

Phoebe ICoA Promo.jpeg

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Phoebe has always called the deserts and mountains of her home state her own. A versatile talent, she is celebrated for her design work and for producing her show, Spellbound, at The Rock. She is passionate about creating diverse and inclusive casts that amplify a multitude of voices and showcase varying perspectives within the Arizona community. 


Phoebe began her drag career in 2020 and has since devoted herself to supporting her fellow performers in every way possible. From crafting outfits and styling wigs to ensuring sets are delivered on time, she is a proficient problem-solver who excels at meeting deadlines.



As the newly invested Countess XVII, Phoebe has enthusiastically embraced her role as an active member of the Imperial Court of Arizona. She attends board and line meetings, participates in parades with the ICoA Pride float, hosts and supports fundraisers, and represents the Court at out-of-state Coronations. She is known for her openness and approachability both in public and private settings, earning her The Spirit of the Court Award bestowed upon her by Prince Royal Justin Deeper-Love and Forever Empress XVII Desiree Demornay.



As a Candidate for Empress XVIII, Phoebe aims to cultivate a community that values diversity and inclusivity. Committed to selfless service, she is eager to organize events that benefit the ICoA and numerous worthy non-profit organizations that serve the community. Phoebe hopes to create a sense of belonging and camaraderie similar to the familial bond she has found within the Court for others in the community.


Candidate for Emperor

Justin Deeper-Love


Justin has resided in Tucson for approximately 13 years. Born in Germany as a bi-racial child of veterans, they moved to the United States at the age of 3 and spent over 20 years in Sierra Vista, AZ.


Working as an employee of the State of Arizona, Justin has dedicated nearly 9 years to the Dept. of Economic Security- Family Assistance Administration. Currently serving as an eligibility supervisor for DES on the Spot, a specialized community outreach unit for the Family Assistance Administration.


Believing in the importance of giving back for the greater good, Justin emphasizes the value of contributing time, talent, and treasure. With a history of volunteer work and fundraising, they were recognized in their late teens with the President's Student Service Award for their extensive volunteer hours. They have continued to support various community and fundraising events, including their role as Mister Tucson Pride from 2019-2023, where they helped raise over $21k to become Tucson Pride Royalty. 


Joining the Imperial Court of Arizona in 2020 as a Lord XV, Justin has remained an active member, organizing fundraising events and supporting community initiatives. Such organized events include a pride tour that helped raise over $10k for pride organizations throughout the state. Their dedication to the court has led to their prior role as Crown Prince XVI and their current role as Prince Royale XVII. Since February of 2023 - Justin has had the opportunity to travel the country to at least 11 out-of-state coronations.


As a candidate for Emperor XVIII, Justin has a vision to enhance the court's influence by attracting a larger number of individuals and expanding awareness about its existence. They aspire to strengthen community connections and support various organizations through fundraising efforts. Moreover, being someone who experiences anxiety and is a bi-racial individual, Justin will continue to show others that the court is an inclusive and welcoming environment. They want to ensure that it remains a place where everyone feels comfortable and valued. Justin believes that by extending the court's reach, they can make a greater difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

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