Board of Directors

We, the members of The Arizona Imperial Court, Incorporated, join together, knowing there exists in our realm a true need for serendipitous acts of goodness, kindness, love and charity. It is to these purposes that we shall gather our collective resources. It is to these purposes that we shall dedicate those resources, which will enable us to act as a focal point for channeling needed monies to worthy organizations.

  • President - Tom Tiboni (Anita ToGoBoxx Christian) 

  • Vice President - Elijah Palles (Eddie Broadway)

  • Treasurer - Anneliz Ahumada

  • Secretary - Kevin Smith (Carlton Stephens)

  • Emperor 15 - Daniel Eckstrom (Carrington Hall-DuBois) ex-officio

  • Empress 15 - Gina Cramp (Nikki Knowles) ex-officio

  • Dean of the College of Monarchs- Michael Gaffney

  • Members at large - Latasha Hughes (Brooklyn Diazz), Serra Tonan Savage

Board Meetings

The Board of the Imperial Court of Arizona meets monthly on the 3rd Sunday of each month at the Phoenix Lambda Center (2622 N. 16th Street) at 1:30pm. Please come and find out more about one of the most exciting charitable organizations in Arizona.

Meeting Minutes

The Imperial Court of Arizona believes in maintaining transparency with the community as it concerns our meetings and books. As part of that copies of our meeting minutes will be posted to the website. Click the links below to read more. Please note that in some cases these may not be the final approved copies. For questions or corrections please email secretary@imperialcourtaz.org

Bylaws & Protocol