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The Court system is a collection of over 65 individual chapter courts established in Canada, Mexico, the USA. Established fifty years ago by Jose I, the Widow Norton, (Jose Sarria), in San Francisco, the Court has a long and interesting history.
Reign XVII
Emperor XVII - Ricky Sedillo

The Emerald and Pearl White Tiger of the Desert, The Golden Quiet Yet Outgoing Legend of the Phoenix

Reign XVI
Emperor XVI- Geo

The original and timeless golden avenger, the scorpion of the desert The Gentleman of the grand canyon state and Legend of the Phoenix.

Empress XVI- Brooklyn D. DeMornay

The cannabis cooking, Puerto Rican sapphire of the desert. The tambourine breaking, orange left flagging Ma’am, leather mama bear, the first of her kind Legend of the Phoenix.
The first elected Afro-Rican Empress of Arizona.

Reign XV
Emperor XV- Carrington Hall Dubois

The notoriously and elegantly bedazzled Dragonfly of the Desert, the OG Sucia of the Southwest, the Glitz and Glam Legend of the Phoenix

Empress XV- Nikki Knowles

The little darling, Songbird Beauty of the Desert, the Diamond Unicorn Legend of the Phoenix

Reign XIV
Emperor XIV- Kristofer V. Lee

The Tenatious Sparkling Black Onyx of the Desert, The Dashing and Dazzling #AlwaysExtra, Pride of Arizona, Legend of the Phoenix. The First Elected Black Monarch of all Arizona

Empress XIV- Anita Togoboxx Christian

The Sapphire Diamond Lunchbox of the Desert, The Wedge Walking, Channel 5 Tell It Like It Is Legend of the Phoenix

Reign XIII
Emperor XIII- Eddie Broadway

The Empathic Indigo Otter of the Desert, The Rhinestone Encrusted Showman Legend of the Phoenix, The First Elected Transgender Emperor of Arizona

Empress XIII- Tyra Marie

The Latin Pride of the Desert, the Sparkling Tequila Rhinestone Showgirl Legend of the Phoenix

Reign XII
Emperor XII- Dave McQueen

The Gentleman Silver Fox of the Desert, The Cobalt Blue Leather "Sex, Drums and Rock N Roll" Legend of the Phoenix.

Empress XII- Akasha Knight

The Gold and Red Rose of the Desert, The Benevolent, Bodacious and Bootylicious " These Boots are Made for Walkin" Sun Goddess Legend of the Phoenix.

Reign XI
Emperor XI- SeaJay Moser

The Iridescent Moonstone Moogle of the Desert, The Enigmatic Silent Emerald Question Legend of the Phoenix

Empress XI- Sophia Sinclair

The Emerald and Pearl Honeysuckle of the Desert, The Elephantine Bossomed Legend of the Phoenix. The First-Elected Transgender Empress of Arizona

Reign X
Emperor X- Steve Marino

The black and red wild stallion of the desert, the bedazzled, bearded emperor legend of the Phoenix

Empress X- Olivia Gardens

The pasta eating Polynesian pride of the desert, the showtuning siren of the silver saguaro legend of the Phoenix

Reign IX
Emperor IX- Bill Mitchell

The Camouflage Tartan of the Desert, The Azure Eyed Bear Legend of the Phoenix

miss de.jpg
Empress IX- Miss DeMeanor

The Turquoise Squashblossom of the Desert, The Navajo Princess, First Elected Native American Empress Legend of the Phoenix

Reign VIII
Emperor VIII- Tom Bledsoe

The Majestic Platinum Elephant of the Desert, The Passionate Promise Legend of the Phoenix.

Empress VIII- Vanilla DeLushus

The Sterling Silver Rose of the Desert, The Purple Moonlight Goddess Legend of the Phoenix

Reign VII
Emperor VII- Kenneth Anthony

The positively decadent, black-jeweled gryphon of the desert, the leather heart and spirit legend of the Phoenix.

Empress VII- Paula Sha

The sassy emerald of the desert, the punk rock diva legend of the Phoenix.

Reign VI
Emperor VI- Jerry Heitman

The Golden Topaz Polliwog of the Desert, The Yellow Diamond boy Legend of the Phoenix

Empress VI- Lady Christian

The Black Pearl Lilly of the Desert, The Resurrected Angelic Hope Legend of the Phoenix

Reign V
zsa zsa.jpg
Empress V- Zsa Zsa Dubois

The Fiery Renaissance Diamond of the Desert, The Heart and Soul Sun-Goddess Legend of the Phoenix

Reign IV
Empress IV- Regine Rochelle

The Spanish Amethyst Orchid of the Desert, The Sun Goddess Legend of the Phoenix

Reign III
Emperor III- Joseph Brumley

The Emerald Eyed Falcon of the Desert, The Spirit of the Coyote Legend of the Phoenix

Empress III- Justice Prevails

The Blood Red Moon of the Desert The Dark Fire Legend of the Phoenix

Reign II
Emperor II- Michael Gaffney

The Golden Sapphire Scorpion of The Desert, The Celtic Claddaugh Legend of the Phoenix

Empress II- Julie Craig

The White Diamond Star of the Desert, The Red Desert Rose legend of the Phoenix

Reign I
steve lafata.jpg
Emperor I- Steve LaFata

The Soul and Fire of the Phoenix

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