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Reign XIV

Emperor Line XIV

Prince Royale- Carrington Hall Dubois

Crown Prince- Teddy Michael

Prince- Carlton Stephens

Prince- Sergio de la Draco

Grand Duke- Shaun Simmons

Grand Duke- Kaiden de la Draco

Duke- Cruz Daniels

Baron- Mike Fornelli

Marquis- Edward Castro

Lord- Blake Riley

Lord- Javier K. Lee

Lord- Karlos Quinto

King Father- Bill Mitch

Commander Leather- Darriel Carter

Lt. Commander Leather- Sam Heart

Empress Line XIV

Princess Royale- Nikki Knowles

Crown Princess- Madison S. Gardens

Princess- Masquerade

Princess- Brooklyn Diazz

Grand Duchess- Tunsa Phun

Grand Duchess- Destiny T. Hunter

Barnoness- Patricia Mason

Marquessa- Barbra Seville

Vicountess- Miss Nature

Vicountess- Kadee Christian Starr

Countess- Kayla Hilltop

Dame- Isis D'Frost

Lady- Sera Tonnan

Lady- Sassy C. Diazz

Lady- Sandy Beaver

Queen Mother- Sophia Sinclair

Preceptor of Perpetual Indulgence- Opa Leez

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